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Seal 'n Lock Product Support

The Seal 'n Lock Contractor Support Forums are a contractor-driven discussion board for Seal 'n Lock products to help you get the best results from your brick paver or travertine sealing project.
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  3. Wednesday, 07 November 2018
Ultra Wet Look Product Guides and SDS

If you're pooling to add extra enhancement & shine, you may choose to use Seal n Lock Ultra Wet Look.
Nano Technology - High solids urethane modified acrylic for ultra enhancement providing a protection barrier and excellent joint stabilization. Fast-Drying

  • Clean - Sand - Seal - Same Day
    High Solids
    May be Applied to a Damp Surface
    Algae and Mold Inhibitor
    Excellent Joint Stabilization
    No Need For Polymeric Sand
    User Friendly and Environmentally Safe
    Inhibits Weed Growth and Ant Mines
    UV Protection Will not Harm Vegetation
    VOC Compliant in All 50 States


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"Innovating The Future of Sealing"
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