Product Highlight – Super Wet Look Paver Sealer

Making any pool area look magnificent at all times starts with Seal ‘n Lock products. Our business offers high-end pool paver sealer selections, including our Super Wet Look Paver Sealer. It doesn’t matter if you are applying this sealer on your own or are a contractor looking for quality options for your next job, you can rest assured that our products will work well for you.

This product is a water-based pure urethane sealer that is made to last a long time and give you the wet look that you want for your outdoor pavers. Like many of our products, this is an environmentally safe and user-friendly option that will last longer than solvent-based sealers. Once applied, it will enhance the colors of your pavers, as well as inhibit algae and mold growth that many other sealants have trouble stopping.

You can find Seal ‘n Lock products from many authorized dealers throughout the United States. It does not matter if you are located in Florida, California Pennsylvania, or Colorado; our business is proud to provide you with our quality selections to make any property look magnificent. If you are a dealer who would like to carry our products, you can contact us at (813) 852-1500 for more information.

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Finding paver coating products that are environmentally friendly and allow you to complete in a fast and efficient manner is simple when you use products from Seal ‘n Lock. Our business is happy to provide you with sealers, degreasers, stripping systems, and more that are perfect for all outdoor areas.

When a property owner buys pavers, they are making a lifetime investment. Our team knows how important it is to maintain pavers, as we have worked in the industry. After using other products that require up to five days to complete the job, we started looking into alternatives. Our research took us all over the world. We worked with many chemical companies and eventually discovered the products that we offer today.

In addition to offering our quality products, our business provides training to show you and your team how to use these products properly. We hold events all over the country to cover our products and let you know how you can work all year long in a healthy environment and complete each job “all in one day.”

Take a look at the many products we offer. If you are having any issues with our products, we provide support to discuss techniques, equipment, and more.