The First 'ALL IN ONE DAY'
Paver Sealing Process

Clean, Sand & Seal in One Day

First Water Based Paver Sealer

to Achieve "The Wet Look"

User Friendly & Environmentally Safe

The Paver Seal­ing Pro­fes­sional Tool

Seal ‘n Lock System Corp.  Seal ‘n Lock has recognized the need for change in the interlocking paver and hardscape industry with sealing products and the application process. The increasing demand for water based products, with low VOC’s as an alternative to solvent based products, has generated a new technology-“Seal ‘n Lock System”. Our state of the art products have addressed existing industry concerns which include pavers turning white, joint stabilization, and durability without the toxicity and disposal considerations associated with solvent based sealers.

eco_friendlyAll Seal ‘n Lock products are manufactured with the most environmentally friendly products available. Our products offer UV protection and excellent protection against the weather elements. We have addressed the issue of algae and mold with a mold and algae inhibitor. All of our cleaning, sealing and specialty coating products are VOC compliant in all 50 states. Seal ‘n Lock products exceed all hardscape product manufacturers minimum standard guidelines.